Your relationship can be so much better

Premarital Counseling

You’ve selected the dress, the venue and the perfect partner for your wedding.  Let me help you with communication techniques that will help to solidify your foundation of respect, love and affection for one another no matter what happens down the road. Durning these short premarital sessions couples learn effective communication skill which can draw them even closer during difficult times and conflict resolution skills that can set them up for a life time of loving connection.

Individual Counseling

Do you feel misunderstood, taken for granted, or powerless around others? Are you anxious? Has the spring gone out of your step?  Individual therapy is a safe and supportive place for you to explore what is keeping you from the joy you may be longing for and/or building the relationships you desire.

Marriage Enrichment

On the surface you may appear to have the ideal family, but wish it were just a little more loving and you felt  a little more connected to your partner. Marriage Enrichment can help loving couples work through unresolved issues which seem to reoccur and leave them feeling a struck. Making sense of and working through these stuck places can help to re-ignite love, passion, intimacy and a deeper connection in your relationship.

Parenting Support

One of the most challenging, yet rewarding, job we’ll ever do is raising our children.  Parenting Support gives educational, developmental and practical support to families to meet their specific family needs, from infancy through childhood, adolescence and college age dependents.

Couples Counseling

Is for those who are at an impasse in their relationship.  Therapy helps couples discover the communication that keeps them in a negative cycle and the techniques to reverse their negative patterns.  Many couples seek counseling after enduring six years of problems, often as a last effort to save their troubled marriage.  There is a solution to your pain.