If your relationship is stuck and filled with conflict, sadness, distance and frustration, you know how it impacts your entire life. You may find it periodically darkens your mood, damages your physical health and can upset your children, other family members and friends.
The important thing is that your relationship doesn’t have to stay this way…

What to expect

In couples counseling, you will learn how to:

  • Re-establish love and intimacy

  • Recognize your negative cycle and how to avoid them

  • Respond effectively when you’ve been triggered

  • Resolve conflict and create harmony

  • Ask the right questions to understand each other’s intentions

  • Successfully negotiate the problems that arise between you

  • Communicate with love, care and respect so that each partner feels heard

  • Understand your differences and make them work for you

  • Become a better parenting team

  • Deal more effectively with stress and anger

  • Heal shame, trauma, grief or the fall out of an affair

Your relationship does not need to be stressful
In fact, couples or marriage therapy can help you have a positive, loving relationship that will strengthen your confidence, lighten your mood and fill you with energy and hope.

Marriage and Couples Therapy That Works

My couples training and the work I do is Emotionally Focused Therapy (www.icceft.com) which has been rigorously researched and found to be one of the most effective approaches to couples therapy.  A meta-analysis in couple’s therapy found that 73% of couples treated with EFT recovered from their distress and 86% made significant improvements in their relationship.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT):

  • Research-proven successful couples therapy

  • Restores intimacy and closeness

  • Teaches clear steps and strategies to change problem interactions

  • Builds loving, safe, and secure relationships